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About Us

The Federation of New Zealand Netherlands Societies Inc. was founded in 1966. It is governed by the National Council, a body of the Affiliated Societies, who meet once a year at the Annual National Council Meeting, which is usually held in October and each year in a different centre in New Zealand.

The day to day well being is in the hands of an elected committee meeting once a month by way of conference call. At present the committee consists of the following members:

President Joost de Bruin joost.debruin@vuw.ac.nz
Secretary Ellen Tavenier (04) 565 0418
Treasurer Wies van den Berg (07) 827 9395 vandenberg@xtra.co.nz
Vice President N. Island Albert Ruijne (09) 537 8355 a.ruijne@xtra.co.nz
Vice President S. Island Ron van Santen 027 489 8369 ronvsanten@gmail.com
Editor De Schakel/
Reina Vijselaar 027 272 9245 prea.clyde@xtra.co.nz
The Federation also publishes "De Schakel", a bymonthly newsletter